• 18:17:12: Sorry I’ve been so boring lately; I’ve been paralyzed / overwhelmed by how behind I am on stuff. Keep panicking over where to (re)start.
  • 19:04:02: 4 of 5 stars to Courage to Change by Al-Anon Family Group http://bit.ly/cmFT3U
  • 19:39:34: Clarence and Virginia Thomas embody the ugly powerful dailiness of evil and how unrelentingly lifesuckingly spiritually violent it can be.
  • 19:43:16: Seriously, a deep well of hatred rises up in my throat when I read this shit: http://is.gd/g91IR An absolute horror show of harrassment.
  • 23:34:05: God, I’m looking so sexy lately. Like a greyer version of Comic Book Guy: giant middle, greasy hair & glasses. Wait, he doesn’t have specs.
  • 23:49:24: Lately @DeliaTS has been wearing a combination of lotions that make her neck and cleavage smell especially seductive.

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