• 10:28:45: I woke up so so horny, but I’m late paying the bills so GOOD MORNING MOOD KILLER! Fondling my checkbook isn’t as gratifying as it should be.
  • 11:59:02: We’re heading into @DeliaTS birthday weekend! She turns . . . (??) . . . on Halloween!
  • 12:56:40: Fucking with the new spycams and the old spycams and switching them around to optimize what they’re good out. So far not great.
  • 13:32:50: How To Rape A Woman And Get Away With It http://t.co/8bDEHDZ via @jezebel
  • 20:45:49: Awwww — love back at you, @heathercorinna for sharing home and hearth AND PRANK MONKEY with us!
  • 22:56:31: I’ve done a lot of overeating today. And now I feel like puking. Not in an anorexic “damage”-control way, but in a MyFuckingGutsHurt way.

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