• 00:37:27: I think those pictures we just took of @DeliaTS look prrrrrrretty delicious! I haven’t gotten to any email except some necessaries, tho.
  • 09:52:28: Not enough sleep. Getting ready to get out of here for my dose of quiet solitary invisibility.
  • 13:22:21: My clit is SO huge w/hood like foreskin in my dreams, I jerk it and stroke it and wish I could wake up with it still BIG under my fingers.
  • 14:28:48: Cleavage on display on our spycams while I edit pics of me in pink satin with a big long veiny dong.
  • 14:29:11: Wait, make that pink SILK. In fact, HOT pink silk.
  • 20:48:35: I’d love to be doing more exciting & productive things than wasting hours on the phone with internet tech “support” people. DSL down again.
  • 21:55:19: I hope the hour+ investment of time on phone & in chat to get a technician to come check our lines tomorrow is worth it.

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