• 00:19:13: Look who’s blog is back: http://tastytrixie.com !!!! Rest of members area restored too, apparently, but for one little piece. So grateful!!!
  • 00:35:53: So so SO appreciative & happy to see my members-only blog back! As soon as I can get my computer up I’ll update home & missing vlog thumbs.
  • 00:37:15: We are now going to take a break, drink some tea, eat some pie and watch Tropic Thunder!!
  • 14:11:50: Got the bedroom computer area all dusted and tidied up so I can install some software to do some work in here while main machine is broken.
  • 19:42:32: Just updated some details on a bunch of pages on @DeliaTS site, including her camsite links: http://deliats.com/1-on-1.html
  • 23:34:25: Everything about this show DELIGHTS! About to watch Pt. 5 / the final episode. (Cranford Chronicles via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cns1ZH

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