• 10:52:46: Glad it didn’t snow much; we have to go pick up our nephew (which also means most of our cams will be down today, tomorrow & part of Tue.).
  • 15:59:21: Who knew that going to Goodwill with a four year old could be such a fucking blast?
  • 18:24:49: It seems that my main computer is now working nicely as long as I don’t request it access the slave hard drive. So I can edit my pics!
  • 19:34:25: I think the HD got fuxored from a bunch of power outages during Nov. storm(s), @TruthOnly37 – even w/battery backup I didn’t shut down in X.
  • 19:35:32: (but I don’t really know that for sure; there were multiple stressors to my system compounding problem upon problem)
  • 23:24:26: OMG I was so excited to watch Mulan for the 1st time with our nephew; didn’t anticipate I’d be bawling 10 minutes into it.

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