• 11:46:00: Considering spending the day in bed with a bunch of medicine to try to get rid of this sore throat I’ve had for at least 14 days of January.
  • 16:58:22: On a walk, hating the sounds of loud annoying human voices. Wanting them to GO. AWAY.
  • 18:11:19: Could be, but seems too phlegmy for strep, @BrooklynBeast – going to take better care of myself for a couple days then see dr if not better.
  • 22:56:41: My “Necktie & White Panties Gallery” (aka “Chubby Angel in a Necktie”) is all posted up for you, members! http://tastytrixie.com/members
  • 22:57:23: Wondering if I shoot another “chubby angel” gallery where I’m actually dressed up as an “angel” . . . maybe chubby devil would be better?
  • 23:18:40: Oooh, I like that idea, @amberlily !

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