• 00:07:56: Logged out for the night. @DeliaTS made $10 more than me, though! I must beat her next time we go head to head!!! Mwahahahaha!
  • 09:26:42: Woke up at 7:41 w/song in my head & itch to try to remember where 1st heard it (fucking Californication) & realized I forgot to take my bc.
  • 14:38:26: Oh yeah, this is the life: sleeping into the afternoon while my bitch makes money: http://deliats.cammodels.com (what, not funny?)
  • 15:08:54: My plan: cam for a couple of hours, stop for some food, respond to some emails, then . . . cam some more? Maybe? Let’s see . . .
  • 16:03:59: I’m logged in for an hour or so, Saturday session #1: http://trixie.cammodels.com & my shirt is see-through!
  • 17:11:10: Yay! Because of my age I rarely get a certain roleplay that makes me super excited, but I did today and just had a huge sweaty orgasm!
  • 17:16:55: I should probably just delete that. I know most of my friends are aghast at those roleplays I love.

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