• 01:25:31: I do want to see this pornification of Star Trek: TNG though VERY disappointed Picard is g-rated. 🙁 http://t.co/AUvS7GB via @fleshbot
  • 01:31:36: Got three promo galleries & zips done from start to finish and mailed out to webmasters. I know, this is boring to you. Had to be done!
  • 16:08:12: Going to have some solitary dark time. Then, if other inspiration doesn’t strike, there’s a 32% chance I’ll do some late night camming.
  • 16:36:38: And now that you’ve seen me prepare for my mini-binge in bed (mini because I can’t eat anything with dairy) . . . zzzZZZtstsZZZZzapp!
  • 19:26:21: Been dying to watch this; @DeliaTS isn’t interested so since I’m alone in the house I finally ge… (The King of Kong) http://miso.io/djiuCg
  • 21:06:22: Managed to stay mostly-awake so scratch late-night camming. I’m going to fall asleep any moment now for a long dark dream.

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