• 15:51:22: It’s fucking amazing what 20 hours of solitude, lots of sleep, and not responding to anything but my own selfs can do to recharge me. COOL!
  • 15:58:47: And now, my friends, I am going to exercise: a little cardio, a lot of stretching, followed by more time on the shoulderflex machine.
  • 17:23:33: Just called @DeliaTS to wish her luck at the tranny awards tonight. GO if you’re in LA! Hope everyone has fun.
  • 19:41:58: Luxuriating in a totally non-sexy neck-to-ankle brown velour-corduroy weekend gown. Clips4sale cockblocking my uploads. Fuck the superbowl!
  • 19:45:45: So when the internet sabotages work, I must demand from it PLEASURE! Preparing for a quick selfish magic wand session watching dudes jackin.
  • 20:29:24: I forgot: the superbowl makes porn promotion worthless. But GO PACKERS! Hope you beat the Steelers (or at least get it stolen via bad call).
  • 20:31:37: All of your juicy LA burger talk is DESTROYING me, @danaseverance @DeliaTS !!! So so so jealous. Maybe I’ll go next time for all the MEAT!
  • 22:46:26: I wondered why my pussy’s so wet, but then remembered all those vids of aggravated cocks being manually consoled I masturbated to earlier.
  • 23:39:49: Unbelievable. Friend’s son is almost 10 & she’s only NOW telling him how babies are made. & thinks that’s young. AND SHE’S A HEALTH TEACHER!

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