• 00:38:18: New vlog for members to give you a little cozy, chatty, mildly-crazy company late at night. We have webcam SHOWS tomorrow (Friday)!!
  • 19:09:55: This new 1TB iomega desktop hard drive isn’t working with my computer. Gosh I totally love wasting time on this superfun & productive shit!
  • 20:07:28: The question now isn’t whether or not I’m going to overeat tonight (I am), but just how shitty the food I pork on will be for my brain.
  • 20:08:12: I want berry pie I want salted fats I want crunchy things I want hot slimy noodles I want a TROUGH FULL OF MASHED POTATOES & CRAZY!
  • 22:27:30: Phew! Iomega drive not at fault; for some reason it works plugged into port in front of my tower, but not in the back. No anal drive?

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