• 09:28:07: One of the sets we shot last night of @DeliaTS is so fucking hot the whole mini-trip would be worth it if that’s all we got done.
  • 11:39:12: RT @greenguy89: Rest In Peace @MrMaryLou – you will be missed as a colleague & a friend.
  • 11:51:47: Looking out the window at family on shore. Place a man amongst running water & some rocks & the fucker HAS to build a dam.
  • 11:53:20: I seriously want to throw something at this industrious yuppy dickwad. Leave the bird habitat alone! But I know he cannot help himself.
  • 11:54:21: Yeah, and that it’s fun, @jennythegreat ! I’m just being a bitch. And am kind of jealous. He’s burning off some daddy steam.
  • 13:41:28: Uh-oh . . . it’s snowing at home; this could make getting home difficult if it keeps up like they say it will.
  • 16:29:09: I don’t have t-zone acne. It’s more like My Phantom Beard zone breakouts w/highlights wherever I can get wayward noodles to slap me w/sauce.
  • 21:28:38: In my book, chubby and adorable aren’t mutually exclusive, @athorny ! But thank you. 🙂
  • 21:40:08: I use the term “chubby” all the time, @jacksonb702 – I love the word chubby, I love chubby people; the chub is fucking erotic!

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