• 01:51:17: Henry Cavill is so fffffffUCKING HOT!!! And he’s going to play Superman? Be still my quivering cunt! (The Tudors) http://miso.io/adYTFY
  • 10:52:42: We fucked last night. And it was GOOD. And it was VERY GOOD. Like, “hope I didn’t wake up the neighbors” good.
  • 12:12:47: Spent important & good time with @DeliaTS past half hour talking about where we’re at, where we’re going, our desire for change, etc.
  • 12:13:55: Note: this talk was about work, money goals, midlife, home, etc., not where “we” as a romantic couple are at/going/changing.
  • 13:05:02: I’m writing the checks/doing the bill-paying right now while @DeliaTS makes the money: http://deliats.cammodels.com

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