• 09:37:10: Good news: I weaned myself off my hot water bottle (til next winter?). Bad: woke up with a headache & feel like puking.
  • 12:02:46: I guess I just can’t think of anything more fulfilling in life than photoshopping a long blonde hair off of a brown sock.
  • 15:18:00: Yay! I’m done with the bills and am not going to *worry* about money again until around this time next week.Thankful for @DeliaTS hard work.
  • 15:44:20: I just posted 189 pictures of me in see-through polka dot bikini panties! http://tastytrixie.com/members/PolkaDotSheerPanties/index.html
  • 15:51:36: Nice! @DeliaTS green & purple outfit is not as crazy as it sounds; look at her live! http://deliats.cammodels.com/
  • 21:03:54: I love it when people tell me what their favorite pictures are in my galleries. Thank you much to those of you who do that sometimes!
  • 21:04:46: Not that I would ever want anyone to feel obligated to do that. I just want people to know how helpful and nice and huglike it is!

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