• Having an anxiety attack & about to cry over how long it takes to do anything with programs, passwords, preferences gone from machine. #
  • Feeling much much better after getting exercise, having some lunch & being introduced to Skip Spence's music. #
  • Wow. I haven't been this kind of irresistibly tired in six months or more. Just going to try to stay awake until 9 or 10 doing ANYTHING. #
  • I need to start watching my show archives right before I *do* shows to remind myself that even at their "boring" worst, they're awesome. #
  • Actually, the stupidest part of my shows is where I'm about to come and coming. Most horrifying monstrous spaz attack you've ever seen. #
  • Listening to Camper Van Beethoven's "O Death" while watching a sped-up video of me chatting & fondling my big breasts: remarkably fitting. #

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