• All of the past week's unproductive semi-misery keeps paying off; now have way betterer important software than I had before. SCORE!! #
  • So I guess I'm just measuring productivity too narrowly. I'd be happier if I widened my scope and called it all good. #
  • Discovered I cover more miles on my walks than previously estimated. Thanks, phone, for pics & tracking my miles! http://t.co/jPEXYkNu #
  • I totally want to just go back outside with my phone and walk/run and accumulate more miles. Like, I feel a very strong compulsion. #
  • Me! Naked outside on this most beautiful day! http://t.co/HrLv2a8L #
  • Dear BOA: why the FUCK do you make it impossible to make a credit card payment online?? Stop taking me to bill pay. Just let me pay YOU. #
  • Eating cookie dough, crying with the crying boy. (watching The Biggest Loser, Episode 2 S01E02) http://t.co/eUmeqCGA #
  • Saw a shooting star on my way out to the cabin to take out my contacts! Must be leftovers of the . . . Orionids? I love you, night sky! #

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