• It's quite gloomy outside this morning. Perfect!! #
  • Why wouldn't someone go to a hooker for a hug, @vaginacology ? Are you suggesting there's something stupid about that? Not funny. in reply to vaginacology #
  • Sigh. The people I follow. WHY!?! #
  • Can't get that Nikki Minaj "I just shitted on em" song out of my head. So catchy! Tried to record vlog but installed wrong cam software. #
  • Thank your friend E.S., @celery66, for the package & @DeliaTS card that were awesome in so many ways! Love the intolerance magnet! #
  • One of the most impressive things about Shrdlu's care packages is he pays to ship quite heavy things for a laugh &/or sentimental value. #
  • Nude pic of the COLDEST day of season so far, in light rain, self-shot. http://t.co/9R4CjvcZ #
  • Sure! If we get that much snow or a vehicle safe to drive someplace that gets knee-high snow, @chrisorourke ! I love snowy nudes. in reply to chrisorourke #

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