• Just walked & sometimes jogged 4.4 miles. It's a new day & a new week! Looking forward to it! http://t.co/NkgUakA8 #
  • Mood plummeted due to challenges posed by frozen turkey burgers & steps required to make one consumable #
  • My nudie pic for today features my wax lips Halloween costume! http://t.co/D6QQKjfQ #
  • More of my lippy costume (worn upside down) with boobs this time. http://t.co/xSmnzTa2 #
  • Thanks for all of the positive feedback & retweets of my daily nudie twitpics! It's making me look forward to it every day & scheme stuff! #
  • My GF @DeliaTS went to a potluck with one of her amazing quiches. Praying she comes back with a few pieces. Highly unlikely. #
  • Sometimes the internet is so boring. And all I have to add to it right now is that I HATE that crackle nail polish trend! #ugly #boring #
  • I better get a lot done tomorrow-day so that we can spend all night watching The Walking Dead. #

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