• Sunlight in/out/through cabin window right now. http://t.co/6Ef1dLqh #
  • Nudie pic of the day; looks like a stormy lunchtime approaching… http://t.co/vVZk738E #
  • Pissed. At least two of my nudie pics of the day are gone/disappeared off of twitpic. Including the first one!! So mad. #
  • And I really don't want to drive traffic to other ad-laden pic-hosting sites. Want ease of just twitter stuff. Might switch to blog posts? #
  • Thanks for the responses on the twitpic prob, guys! Going to research posterous for WP; I'm reluctant to go w/ tumblr bc it's often down. #
  • Beginning to make a log / spreadsheet recording my interactions with people. To be more aware of when enough is too much & breaks needed. #
  • It's so COOL how the default on apps & such is to tell everybody exactly where the fuck you are! Jesus fucking christ. #
  • A blurry first camera phone vlog post! http://t.co/pZQsI72p #

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