• I love you, exercise! Such an amazing anxiety-killer / peace-inducer. About to jump into the shower, feeling groovy. #
  • While I'm showering, I think @DeliaTS is going to be camming. She's logging in SOON here: http://t.co/cXSXwuFC #
  • Ohhh, GRRRR, alba botanicals!! Why'd you go and fuck up the sea lipids daily face cream?!? "Even Advanced" version is heavier! #
  • Yeah, I did just have an orgasm using my vibrator while watching the first 1 minute and 44 seconds of a hot futanari video. #
  • I know we should be packing & planning for work, but my top priority is packing for FUN. Getting excited for a little trip . . . #
  • Hopeful that having my entire chin swollen with underground zit-greases will mean I don't need to, nay SHOULDN'T, be in front of the camera. #
  • @sexymisslizz Sounds intense, amazing & so difficult. I hope everything goes the way he wants it & better. I know you'll carry lots of love! in reply to sexymisslizz #
  • Here's my nudie pic of the day: http://t.co/jH7teyzo #
  • Fresh flannel sheets….mmmmm! I'm going to read a book & love it now even if it's not the "perfect" story. #earlytobed #

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