• Oh gosh Victoria's Secret, I just don't know! What kind of angel AM I?!? #
  • Oh Oprah! I'm so grateful that your book lists never fail to include tragi-porn imaginary tales of incest!! You never let a freak down. #
  • Trying to decide whether masturbating before this trip will help or just make it hurt more. I guess it doesn't matter so YES! #
  • Okay. Must stop masturbating and finish packing so we can get on the road. #
  • My nudie pic of the day, featuring a red thing: http://t.co/B7oZPlLH #
  • I'm jealous of your winnings, @greenguy89 @FNCash @Fleshlight ! I hope you make me a video with it. in reply to greenguy89 #

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