• About the weird feelings I'm having this morning: http://t.co/yKl1iK2v #
  • Okay, not creeped out anymore. The weird feelings I'm having are definitely from head-cold sensations (& flavors & scents). Will enjoy it! #
  • Today's nudie pic features me "on the string": http://t.co/JxIekQte #
  • Our computer/tech fella is coming over to put some of our new equipment to work. #
  • NAS device turned out to be defective. You wouldn't believe how … oh kitty cat on my doorstep talking to me & staring at doorknob. #
  • FINE I give in!! Guess that will be my designated cat-petting outfit. Hives on chest. What the fuck ever so soft, lover. #
  • Hard to see but here's kitty who? at the cabin door just now . . . http://t.co/bIlzDs4Q #
  • This whole phone-calls-at-bedtime thing is exactly what has always turned me off about poly. Well, not exactly THAT bad, but still annoying. #

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