• "Bar sluts" ARE "real women"/actual human people, @Tube8 @JasonXJohnson . Go fuck yourselves. PS – TUBE SITES SUCK & so do you! in reply to Tube8 #
  • And there goes today's allotment of pointless, absolutely-futile raging-at-morons tweeting. Why do I try to be friendly with these people? #
  • @Tube8 blah blah blah STUPID blah blah blah DUMB ASS blah blah blah. You said they aren't "Real Women". Admit you're wrong & STFU. in reply to Tube8 #
  • Note: I have never heard "real men" or "real women" EVER used in a way that I didn't HATE. About body size, paying child support, ANYTHING. #
  • If you ever want to see an example of a shameless thieving shithole, check out anyone who runs or represents for a porn tube site. #
  • Sweaty & happy & centered after exercising today. Third day in a row. Still working on remembering I need it EVERY. DAY!!! Much improved. #
  • Good feelings and clarity also great enhanced by @LightningAllie electrifying my focus this morning. And massage scheduled in an hour haha! #
  • Either my vagina is crooked or that tampon was bent. Actually, probably a little of both. Nothing much is really perfectly straight. #
  • It is a beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful SUPER WINDY day! Leaves/color blowing and piling up everywhere. #

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