• So @DeliaTS just got home from last night's date! Very exciting, plus I received my requested dick pic in the middle of night. #horsecock #
  • Went to the doctor today. He said I didn't need a pap test, but I did get all of the meds I ran out of / put off getting. Example: Ritalin. #
  • Here's Kitty Who? outside my cabin door. 5 minutes after closing curtain the FINALLY stopped meowing. http://t.co/fVCuAvrR #
  • Awww, thanks @JaneBurgess & @reynashouse ! Boobs *are* awesome, and so are all four of yours! in reply to JaneBurgess #
  • Interesting, @Big_Darth @amberlily ! Coincidence: last night, 3am, I was replaying & layering fantasies over some experiences we had w/you. in reply to Big_Darth #
  • How I Pee Outside (with pics): http://t.co/uQjWVIN7 #
  • It's super dark & windy right now. We've got a high wind warning in effect tonight: http://t.co/l8D5M8uQ #
  • Getting my hair re-blonded tomorrow; trying to figure out what I would like to shoot in while my hairs' all fresh & shiny . . . #
  • Holy shit!!! This wind is getting insane!! #

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