• Triple barf horror. Don't know when some poor Latvian child wound up with my name as a "fashion" model, but it's really . . . super sad. #
  • Only shopping I've done this Thanksgiving weekend was just now buying @DeliaTS & I a couple of 40% off AMAZING silicone toys @tantus ! #
  • Long blue velvet drapes have been a GREAT solo porn backdrop investment . . . but we get bored. Hotel tonight! http://t.co/guOdknnQ #
  • Even with those goddamned blue curtains AGAIN, I'm super excited to share this cute gallery. Not yet sure when. http://t.co/BwR7R3zZ #
  • Probably not what I should have just spent time on, but here are some more pictures: http://t.co/3u08bVY7 #
  • Aaahh…nothing like the overpowering scent of money saved by getting a SMOKING room at a casino hotel! #
  • Nudie pic of the day: http://t.co/V0XHtWde #
  • Thank you, @jennythegreat – it's amazing how one little word in caps can make my night! in reply to jennythegreat #

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