• Okay, now THAT has got to be the last time @HRugaru and I fuck before he leaves. I'm going back to sleep now. #
  • So happy we live here. So amazed this is WINTER. So thankful for the sunshine & stillness today. http://t.co/dQwic66o #
  • {{{{Hugs}}}} @HRugaru – thanks for the updates. Hope you get some good rest today & tonight. @DeliaTS is taking a nap now. in reply to HRugaru #
  • LOL – thanks for the heads up on the snow in the forecast, @wabtlsfan – our propane tank is getting low; going to have to rely on body heat! in reply to wabtlsfan #
  • Interesting (and gross) . . . there's an "Air Stagnation Advisory" for Seattle. A bunch of trapped pollution. Glad I don't have asthma. #
  • Mmmm . . . feel so much better after a sinus rinse. Going to feel even better after a hot shower before my webcam show at 8 pacific/11 east. #
  • Watched a bit of this favorite episode tonight. (watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Necessary Evil S02E08) http://t.co/wZlkuDJT #
  • Super super excited about going to sleep. #

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