• Sweet! Congrats – love the timeline! RT @SabrinaSwings Why am I up until 3:42 am? Successfully transferred my blog to http://t.co/QsSRxhaM in reply to SabrinaSwings #
  • Do robins ever become tame? #
  • More silly nudie pic(s) of the day AND a hot shot of what I stepped in yesterday! http://t.co/lGLkNkbK #
  • Today and tonight I'm proving to myself that time off is totally wasted on me. Totally squandering my freedom. #
  • Tomorrow, when we make my nudie pic of the day . . . I'm going to try to make my face less RIDICULOUS. For real.s #
  • There's a very special pleasure to eating lemony chicken noodle soup in bed that your girlfriend also sprinkled with dill & carried up 4u. #

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