• Kinda wish I could stop everything to learn how to use my newer version of Dreamweaver. Kinda can't. Kind wonder when/if I should. #
  • @DeeDennis I loathe her . . . steams me so much to read her willfully ignorant crazy-ass bullshit dehumanizing insulting lies. in reply to DeeDennis #
  • Super hot free pics of @DeliaTS: http://t.co/LxedaKzX Make you horny? Get a live camshow with her on http://t.co/cXSXwuFC ! #
  • Attempt #1 at today's nudie pic failed: too dark. Will come up with something else later. #
  • What's the deal with wordpress themes, especially PREMIUM themes, that don't include tags on posts or even the option to include them? #
  • Old fashioned (pose) nudie pic of the day: http://t.co/XuqIjEEL And now @DeliaTS is making noodles for me. #
  • Mmmmmm…. took some gaba + rhodiola earlier and just added some seroquel to the mix. Let's see how that does me! #

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