• Wearing a plastic tiara in my nudie pic(s) of the day: http://t.co/wwM2C2Dl #
  • Yum… just had some delicious lasagna @deliats made. http://t.co/4MNZLaQA #
  • The sound of @DeliaTS sniffling with her cold live on cam is ADORABLE: http://t.co/cXSXwuFC (so is her hard cock in her panties)! #
  • Looking at old blog entries on my site, missing the high-res g-rated photos. Whenever I see them I'm kind of enchanted. Must take more! #
  • But maybe they only look good to me because they remind me of very specific real things and places I love. Maybe not interesting to others. #
  • I'm such a typical cam husband. @DeliaTS works all night – SICK – then chats with & puts on a little show for me, too! I'm very lucky. #
  • Could someone deliver unto me salty carbs with a tang? Like, now? #

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