• Just posted my (semi)-nudie pic of the day in boots & how I can't take a compliment: http://t.co/YTl9J7xB #
  • Awww . . . @DeliaTS is live on cam in pigtails wearing the necklace I bought for her yesterday: http://t.co/cXSXwuFC #
  • Just enjoyed the best (vegan) mini-feast w/ @DeliaTS – lentil curry soup, rice, tangy fried kale, mango, crunchy Indian snacks & tasty chai! #
  • Tonight it was revealed to us by the holy goat spirits that dining perfection = surrounding ourselves with FOUR tv trays to hold much foods! #
  • And then after we ate everything off the tv trays, we rammed into them and stomped the dishes into smithereens with our hooves!! #
  • Oh yeah, before that we fucked. 1st @DeliaTS fucked my feet, then she fucked my mouth, then she fucked my pussy. And we came, & it was good. #

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