• Do you think it's good luck to wake up and find a wasp in your slipper on your birthday? #
  • I stepped into it, thought it was a rock, went pee, stepped out of it, saw it was wasp, not rock @radmul – didn't sting me but I killed it. in reply to radmul #
  • Maybe I should be asking myself if it's good luck to kill something right out of the gate on bday, especially harbinger of warming weather. #
  • Pictures from my birthday/today, including topless puddle skiing: http://t.co/Kc45dCrv #
  • Thanks for all of the birthday love, folks! Especially @DeliaTS & @SabrinaSwings & @HRugaru !! in reply to SabrinaSwings #
  • Dear members: I just posted a couple of cockles-of-the-heart-warming camshow archives. Sensual, silly & orgasmic! #

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