• Is it possible that the sirens stress out the frogs? #
  • Rented mower before grass REALLY long. Got under 2 hours to cut it down… http://t.co/bZMjVRT1 #
  • Shorn a bit shorter than usual because of not knowing when we'll have a mower again: http://t.co/38XdidO5 #
  • @HRugaru Are you TRYING to turn me on???? in reply to HRugaru #
  • I have a goal! To get at least 5 hours of exercise a week . . . still have 86 minutes to go . . . #
  • I teared up at this one, but didn't cry like with Walkabout episode. I love sci-fi/fantasy for dealing with matt… http://t.co/HsykJpdP #

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