• Division of labor in our house: @Deliats does all the cooking while I take care of important stuff, like playstation system updates! #
  • @amberlily @Big_Darth gaaaahhhoohhhh you're killing me!! in reply to amberlily #
  • It's supposed to be our day off, but we still made a nudie pic of the day for you! It's softcore & spexy: http://t.co/rHxXmiAP #
  • !!!!!!!! Date on Saturday/carrying over to Sunday???? !!!!!!!! Must go get in bed with my Kindle to calm down . . . #
  • @amberlily Color me giddy!!! I love that we're both getting long-over-awaited side action and sweetness these days! in reply to amberlily #
  • Thanks, @HRugaru We have @DeliaTS to thank for that! in reply to HRugaru #
  • Come back here, cricket! I was gonna take a picture of you on my vibrator! Guess not everyone thinks bugs look cute on sex toys, though. #
  • AND NOW for some migraine pills with an ambien… #
  • @katsnacks LOL – no!! Just saw it though & if I had sooner, I'd have tried harder to catch it and make him pose longer. in reply to katsnacks #

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