• A drop of honeyed amber glass held in hand sunshine; thank you, @LightningAllie http://t.co/dQlIEpcP #
  • My cabin spycam machine is refusing to connect to the internet (that's totally working on other cabin & house machines). #
  • FOILED! My nudie pic of the day features me in a vulnerable & exposed location/situation: http://t.co/nkH9ZG4n #
  • 5 of 5 stars to We Sinners by Hanna Pylväinen http://t.co/usNryK8H #
  • I haven't pooped today or yesterday. My body wants me to be tender with it, gently kneading and watering it. #
  • Really want to watch this but it makes me so sad not sure I can get through it. (The Elephant In The Room) http://t.co/LdzFwYuP #

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