• Yay! I caught up on sleep & have a nice playlist ready for my show starting in 8 minutes. Members watch here for free: http://t.co/dkhvih1D #
  • Had to take that show into overtime; felt too good to stop! Now: would love a few days of nerd work & no interaction w/anyone but @DeliaTS . #
  • Been dizzy since last night. Feels sort of like going up and down and up and down an elevator, but just a few inches each direction. #
  • Making sure I'm not the only wet living thing at our place in my nudie pic for today: http://t.co/rJrsDBwB #
  • I do *not* understand how people have time to work, restore AND have time for friends, family, lovers, etc. I don't get it!! #
  • Looking at our calendar, feeling panic, loss, failure, frustration, impossibility, weight, pressure. #

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