• A lot of green in my nudie pic for today: http://t.co/0zD93paY #
  • Sometimes I mow the lawn just because I imagine I'm punishing the neighbors by increasing their own hideous yard-machine noises. #
  • That, and I imagine I'm doing the world a favor by attempting to consolidate the horrifying noise pollution. #
  • @radmul Awww, thank you! I like Dryad *much* better than ogre! in reply to radmul #
  • @KOHBates thanks for the possible cause – it made me think my peaking allergies might have been to blame. Feeling better now. in reply to KOHBates #
  • THANKS! 🙂 @Big_Darth RT @tastytrixie @amberlily i would be happy to work your form over. I love that busty little form of yours. in reply to Big_Darth #
  • Just responded to a month's worth of comments on my blog & daily pics: http://t.co/1eKVLIyi – thanks for the love there & here on twitter! #
  • I'm not good at responding "out loud" with immediacy (or ever most of the time), but believe me: you have an impact on my life & work! #

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