• Managed to not cry upon finishing sad book. Then read touching email from sister; my gut muscles flexed from rubber to stone, cried so hard. #
  • 4 of 5 stars to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro http://t.co/HuEL3CPH #
  • If it had been a woman who did what Mr. Marcus did, she'd be vilified in scorchingly ugly ways right now. #
  • & if it had been a TRANS woman who did what Mr. Marcus did? There'd be death threats. So far not seeing quite the ugly women get in this biz #
  • Instead? Mr. Marcus is being presented as a victim of the FSC! How ADORABLE!! #
  • Here's what I'm talking about: AVN – Mr. Marcus Comes Clean on Syphilis Incident: http://t.co/IDh2Y03i #
  • @msnaughty Congratulations! People don't realize how much goes into the, ummm, back end! Design, databases, entry, etc. Must be a relief. in reply to msnaughty #

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