• Been working for 90 minutes and only have 43 seconds of video partly edited. And forgot about my tea brewing. Editing video = hard. #
  • This is going to be a long day. #
  • (I was also interrupting to take some process notes, etc. so maybe I'll pick up some speed . . . after breakfast!) #
  • @sexymisslizz Noooo, not even close to rendering stage or HD on this one, just editing video w/footage shot on 2 different cameras. in reply to sexymisslizz #
  • Yay! I'm done editing the "Three Nightgowns" video. Now in the encoding stage. Hope to upload overnight & post tomorrow morning for members! #
  • Just home from a twilight walk. Saw the moon, an owl, bats, and more. #
  • I know it doesn't hold a candle to "Titty Tuesday", etc. but here's my naked "Silly Saturday" picture: http://t.co/sVbylAYw shot on our walk #
  • Just had a bath outside under the stars with @DeliaTS . Going to bed while last/biggest Three Nightgowns video encodes. #
  • Am I the only sober person tweeting at this time of a Saturday night? Hmmmm . . . #

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