• We're meal-planning for the week. @Deliats has the eggs boiled: http://t.co/b8KJKa9i #
  • My nudie pic(s) of the day are up (along w/doing them a slightly different way): http://t.co/NrYYI2Ig #
  • So basically now my daily nudie pic will be posted every day at 13:13, but shot the day before. #
  • My butthole is itchy and I need a nap. I need a day that doesn't feel like razorblades taking the elevator down my anus. #
  • Poor @Deliats is so weary of being roped into shooting informative hemorrhoidal porn that I'll probably never capitalize on. #
  • I can feel this suppository melting in my ass but I know she'll be totes irritated if I call her back to film me farting it out. #
  • It would just look so cool to see it dripping out in HD. Did you know they put shark liver oil in that stuff? ANAL SHARK CREAMPIE! #
  • Interesting. So far none of it has leaked out. I wonder if it will all be absorbed? #
  • LOL @Kaibutsu – did it return any relevant and/or interesting results? in reply to Kaibutsu #

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