• Just back from hour long walk & jog. In some sunny spots it smelled like warm beeswax. Cows mooed. A horse whinnied. Sweet road apple feet. #
  • Amaranth: http://t.co/X9VCmJO9 #
  • Nothing says "a beautiful fall day" like the smell of warm horse shit in fallen leaves and candles combined, @celery66 . in reply to celery66 #
  • I think so too, @Ishfery ! I tried to grow some from seed last year but I think the spot was too shady and/or it got crowded out. in reply to Ishfery #
  • Feeling overstimulated after lots of sex talk with the spa girls & renewed talk of setting up a meeting with a local goddess/artist. #
  • Have you seen my NOODLE pic of the day? http://t.co/Mhb0QEOB #
  • There's this thing I want to go to, but I'd have to make up an elaborate lie about what I do for work. I just don't have the energy for it. #
  • I'm strongly opposed to mandatory condom laws but also not keen on porn insiders painting rosier safety pic than is true @melissagira @stoya in reply to melissagira #
  • @ElleRafter function's whole purpose is to talk about work, so not peripheral enough to function AND for me to not feel shitty about self. in reply to ElleRafter #

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