• Watch out: my nudie pic of the day (appearing at 13:13 Pacific) includes one of the reasons I'm voting for who I'm voting for POTUS. #
  • Seriously, clueless hordes who think camming is a new (or even newISH) thing, you should get some camgirl herstory: http://t.co/nRzU99M0 #
  • Took a 70 minute walk in the sun & shade. Ate some tuna fish. Ran some errands. Time for a nap. #
  • You know how you think you can tell from a picture that someone has bad breath? I look at some guys & know how their balls & breath smell. #
  • I don't think it's accurate, it's just something my brain IMAGINES it knows, when it really doesn't. #
  • My heart is shivering looking at receipts & addresses associated with boys last year. #
  • Fall is definitely the time I feel like being someone's new (or revisited after many years) pussy. #

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