• It is good to stretch. It is good to eat apples cut up by @DeliaTS. It is good to be working on posting nudie pics she took of me this AM. 12:54:55
  • @Ishfery Good luck! ~1 week can feel like a lifetime. in reply to Ishfery 13:03:57
  • If you've ever played dress-up using a tablecloth, you might like my nudie pics for today: http://t.co/x50xytRl 13:21:48
  • RT @EvvieAndrews: Members who frequent webcam sites:
    You should ask models about what you want to do BEFORE you enter in to a p… http:// … 15:17:23
  • Just checked weather report: "Very Wet Period Set For West Coast". How did they know my period is due?!? ;-)~ 16:44:50