• Sunny fall morning in the cabin loft alone under my fluffy comforter with extra medicine = peaceful. I need more therapeutic help & advice. 08:26:48
  • There's a reason why I live & work on the internet. Okay, I just lied. There are reasonS — many — why I live & work on the internet. 08:28:58
  • My Friday night: Fun with Prune Juice. 17:58:21
  • RT @DeliaTS: I'll be having a little Friday night fun on cam tonight! – http://t.co/R1jBQXxokh 20:45:06
  • RT @saladinahmed: "When you swear, it reveals your limited vocabulary."

    That's fucking falsidical nonsense, you shardborn, shit-brained, d… 20:45:30

  • RT @Scarleteen: He Doesn't Want Sex Anymore. I Do. Now What? http://t.co/RDUNDtXa0X 20:47:08
  • My mid-life retreat & temporary webwhore withdrawal might finally be reaching realistic & productive critical point: http://t.co/8MjrGQ2YkX 22:08:11