• 10:08 Woke up feeling like dancing, but not enough to actually do it. Dreamt myself to orgasm with dream vibrators. Also dreamed of barfight. #
  • 11:32 I just masturbated to a picture of a shoe. Details here: tinyurl.com/2bzoc2 #
  • 12:52 Had a nice granola bfast in our parlour & reread some of The Golden Compass (LOVE). Have to clean up office & myself 4 show w/Delia in 2 hrs #
  • 13:19 From a member/fan of DeliaCD.com : "PLEASE don’t end or finish the site; you are very important for me". Rewarding words. #
  • 14:55 Showtime in six minutes — Delia is wearing stockings & satin panties, I’m in fishnet thigh highs & sheer briefs; both in tight slips. #
  • 22:41 Did our show, did some tv, did some McDonald’s (how counterproductive is THAT to my gym thing?) and responded to some email. More tv now. #
  • 00:30 Just did some grocery shopping; Delia is going to make her delicious squash soup for us for Thanksgiving tomorrow. #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter