• 10:11 Apparently I just needed a whole lot of sleep. Now we are going to have some morning trying-to-make-a-baby fucking. #
  • 11:51 Delia is rearranging our parlour to maximize the view & make more space for exercising. I am going to have some breakfast. #
  • 13:01 Blargh; really need to finish my brother-in-law’s website. HATE doing this stuff for other people. #
  • 15:24 Need to reset my sluggish machine. All this photo editing for bro-in-law’s website is driving me & my puter MAD! #
  • 17:32 Making eggs and turkey bacon for dinner. Hope there’s some good trash on television. Hate waiting ’til Wednesday NIGHT 4 all our fave shows. #
  • 21:15 Holy fucking Christ: murder in my small hometown: tinyurl.com/2xnlrk #
  • 22:13 My blog post with reaction on murders: tinyurl.com/yubhke #
  • 23:30 Cool — I think I got all of the "hard" parts and important bits done on my brother-in-law’s site. One less pain in my ass. #
  • 02:35 Having a hard time falling asleep. #

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