• 11:19 Been trying to figure out inexpensive ways to make our bedroom look photogenic. Going to the bank w/Delia to open an account for her. #
  • 13:23 Gah! The dude at the bank was painfully thorough; took way too long for a process that should have taken 5 minutes max (after long-ass wait) #
  • 15:19 Had a nice lunch of Thai takeout while we watched The Deadliest Catch. Resuming online shopping/bargain hunting for bedroom. #
  • 15:20 My goal is to make our bedroom a tiny bit cuter for shooting & spend less than a hotel room for shooting in for two nights . #
  • 16:56 Whoah there, Ikea: I’m not paying $221.00 for shipping! I guess this means we need to take a trip to RENTON (hint hint, my R-living pal). #
  • 19:34 My surge hasn’t happened but I think we’re going to fuck tonight. We can’t be going a whole week or whatever w/o sex. Well, since Sunday. #
  • 19:42 Going to the store for some Rotel to mix with beans; sometime after will be dinner, television, FUCKING, and housecleaning (or early sleep). #
  • 21:12 The stage is now set for LOVEmakin! #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter