• 20:14 We’re back home & sleepy after our shopping trip. I think I need a half hour on the toilet with a book to relax into a poop. #
  • 20:54 We’re all having some down/quiet time now. I lit some candles & put some smelly oil on to warm; going to grab a book and curl up with it. #
  • 00:36 SCORE! Hours of fierce debates re: Holly Madison & Les Savy Fav’s performance of "Patty Lee" on Conan Obrien. Such fun . . . #
  • 03:28 Too sleepy to figure out what to tweet. Wonder how insane our conversations & fiery arguments sounded & looked on the spycams. #
  • 03:31 I wonder how many voyeurs are watching me now enjoying their mornings & imagining I’m up early rather than up late. #

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