• 08:30 MMmmm . . . had a very pleasant evening & sleep away from home last night. Without tv, Delia & I did some talking. About aliens & stuff. #
  • 09:09 Downloaded all the yummy photos we took last night. This new camera is working pretty, pretty good! #
  • 20:50 Home very briefly to let the dog out. Finished shooting but going back to enjoy take-out in the room. Will pop in once more before bedtime. #
  • 20:58 Our SOY cams took a dive; I logged a couple back in, but you won’t be missing anything anyway since we won’t be HOME home until tomorrow. #
  • 21:04 Parlour cam logged in & light on so you can spy on the dog for a little while. Gotta go back to bed with Delia! #
  • 22:17 Home again to give the dog a goodnight pee. #
  • 22:57 Downloading pics taking a lot longer than it should because we’re almost out of storage space. Carefully deleting stuff. Sigh. #
  • 23:24 These pictures are WINNERS! Not all of ’em, but enough. Going back to hotel room to enjoy ourselves & fall into a deep sleep w/ear plugs. #

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