• 10:19 Massage is on sale again so I scheduled one for SOON. Hope that will help my neck muscles/diffuse my headaching. Also toenail polish change. #
  • 11:16 Mmmm . . . . Prince of Wales tea and neck/back/shoulders stretching in bed. My life is lovely. #
  • 15:17 Now that I’m thoroughly greasy from my massage I really need to take a shower. #
  • 18:32 We were going to try to shoot tonight but I’m about to pass out and my face/eyes are all puffy after massage. #
  • 21:34 I’m so old-fashioned; making a vhs tape for my mom & nephew of music & dancing stuck on our dvr for months. #
  • 22:59 Tomorrow is going to be a day of work. Tonight is going to be a night of fake chicken nuggets, Gossip Girl & true crime television. #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter