• 10:53 And . . . my period started! Happy to have a temporary reprieve from PMS. Getting back into bed with tea and my hot water bottle. #
  • 14:30 I can’t remember how old I am; am I still 35 or did I turn 36 already? This is confusing . . . Let’s see, I was born in March of 1973 so… #
  • 14:46 twitpic.com/136pr – Doesn’t really show the auburn; I’ll be posting better pics in my blog in the next couple days & weeks. #
  • 15:58 Better/bigger pic of my new hair plus my (same old) BOOBS: tinyurl.com/axrqfq #
  • 22:16 Still not done editing photos. Got sidetracked jotting down a pornographic fantasy. For my own eyes only at this point. Getting sleepy. #

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