• 10:10 Sweetness is waking up seconds before my alarm went off and recognizing sunshine pouring in around the edges of the curtains. #
  • 10:16 Excited to read more of _The New York Trilogy_ with my breakfast tea & luna bar in bed: www.paulauster.co.uk/thenewyorktrilogy.htm #
  • 11:32 You wouldn’t believe how awesome I feel today (1 billion % better) 1 week after starting to treat my endocrine sys probs myself & w/BC pill. #
  • 11:57 About to enter members-only chat: tinyurl.com/spyonus #
  • 14:02 Just made a low-brow motel reservation for shooting in a couple of weeks. One step up from the no reservation place that only takes cash. #
  • 14:52 @avflox You don’t think married women who like men are likely to also like women? Or at least want to go to "the hottest new lesbian club"? #
  • 15:02 I’ve got a show coming up in an hour; going to enjoy a leisurely bath and shave in preparation . . . tinyurl.com/ourcamshows #
  • 19:47 Was about to make a post to my blog but having difficulties uploading my pics. I’m going to give it a rest & do some reading. #

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